Cherry Chocolate Truffles

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  1. Add pitted dates, peanuts & Cherry Balsamic to a food processor and blend until well combined. The mixture should stick together (to help form balls). 
  2. Melt chocolate using the double-boiler method, or in a microwave safe bowl, melt in the microwave in 15 second increments, stirring between each. It should take longer than 1-2 minutes total. 
  3. Roll date mixture into small balls. Optional: insert 1 full peanut into the centre of each ball. 
  4. Dip balls into chocolate and place on a parchment lined plate.
  5. Once all balls are coated in chocolate, transfer to the freezer and let freeze for at least 20 minutes (tastes best when left for a few hours).
  6. Enjoy this healthy snack!

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