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Now is your chance to explore our line of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Cultivars! Each of these pure (unflavoured) Extra Virgin Olive Oils are made from an olive cultivar that originates from a different region, giving them unique flavour nuances and aromas. Choosing the perfect EVOO comes down to personal taste, so we have detailed how each of our Cultivars differs in taste and preferred application. Take a look!

Barnea EVOO

Origin: Israel
Intensity: Medium 

This Israeli variety of olive has a soft buttery front palate followed by a lingering peppery finish. The ‘pepperiness’ is a good olive oil descriptor, because it is a sign that the oil has been newly pressed and a high degree of antioxidants.

Barnea EVOO's creamy nutty texture and fresh, fruity aroma makes it perfect for using in Mediterranean & Middle-Eastern recipes. Great for using in pasta dishes, drizzling over fresh bruschetta, or grilling meats.

Coratina EVOO

Origin: Italy
Intensity: Robust

With an acidity of less than 0.3%, the oil has an intensely fruity aroma and persistent flavour reminiscent of freshly crushed olives. The finish is decisive and vivacious, while harmonious on the palate. These characteristics make it a versatile Extra Virgin Olive Oil for everyday use.

The Coratina olive is naturally very high in antioxidants which gives it a peppery pungency. The high levels of polyphenols also make it very stable. The green aroma, reminiscent of a Tomato plant, and the complex flavour with a slight spicy aftertaste makes this oil great for recipes, especially simple ones, like Caprese salad or grilled vegetables. 

Director's Reserve EVOO

Origin: South Africa (dominant cultivars are Coratina & Frantoio)
Intensity: Robust

Our Director’s Reserve EVOO is our International Award-Winning Olive Oil from Willow Creek Olive Estate. 

Complex aromas of artichokes and tomato vines are followed by the flavour of fresh rocket and salad herbs while the satisfying bitterness and tingling pungency gives body to the oil without overpowering the flavour.

This oil complements red meat, hearty soups, pasta with porcini, carpaccio, or salads with rocket, parmesan and nuts. Round any meal off by adding Directors’ Reserve to enhance the flavour and extend the health benefits of your food.

See our recent awards for this EVOO!

Favoloza EVOO

Origin: Chile
Intensity: Medium-Robust

Originally developed in Chile, this medium-robust olive oil has a very balanced profile. Just the right amount of bitterness and pungency is accompanied by a creamy artichoke finish. Fresh greens and herbs linger on the palate to make this an excellent finishing oil to use on fish and meats.  

Frantoio EVOO

Origin: Italy
Intensity: Robust

Frantoio is a very fruity EVOO, with a good balance of pepperiness and bitterness. It is outstanding when used to make fresh basil or coriander pesto, because it enhances the flavour of the fresh herbs and provides the perfect mouth feel accompaniment for these richly satisfying condiments. Alternatively, Frantoio can be used as a delicious dipping oil (with fresh dense crusty bread) and dukkah (a condiment consisting of a variety of nuts, seeds and spices). 

Koroneiki EVOO

Origin: Greece
Intensity: Robust

With a golden green colour, our Koroneiki EVOO has a distinctive fragrance, characterized by aromas of fresh grass and artichokes, providing a unique experience even for the most demanding palate. 

Koroneiki olives have a very high level of polyphenols, giving the oil a strong, peppery finish. This oil is ideal for Greek recipes: hummus, rice dishes, Greek salad or roasted potatoes.

Leccino EVOO

Origin: Italy
Intensity: Mild

Leccino olives are always associated with the Tuscan region of Italy. A sweet olive oil, although when picked and pressed at the right time it can combine a wonderful balance and complexity to provide grassy tones and almonds, with a smooth aftertaste of tropical fruits.

This mild oil is a wonderful choice for baking, dipping fresh bread, or finishing off fresh vegetable or pasta salads.

Mission EVOO

Origin: USA
Intensity: Medium

The ripened olives of our Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil produce a pale gold olive oil with a sweetness of ripe bananas and a little touch of walnuts and almonds. The process of “cold extraction” maintains the fresh olive’s delicate cut grass and peppery flavour and aroma.

Mission olive oil is fantastic for finishing dishes, and is a delicious substitute for butter. Drizzle on corn before grilling, use as a marinade or meats, or use to dip fresh bread.

Organic Peranzana EVOO

Origin: Italy
Intensity: Mild

Artichoke and Vine Tomatoes are at the forefront of this deliciously herbaceous Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from the Puglia region of Italy. The Peranzana olive has a mild flavour, with a lingering peppery finish. The buttery almond flavour of this oil makes it perfect for enhancing any salad, or complimenting seafood dishes. 

What is so unique about this EVOO is the method by which it is produced. They are the only EVOO producer in Italy to be using the traditional stone mill method and have been for the last 150 years. This EVOO is exclusively sold in Switzerland and now at OLiV!



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